It was important that I volunteer to do this project because my grandparents were sent to Manzanar and Heart Mountain so their families lost their property, and I have extended aunts and uncles who were farmers in Central California. Having this information preserved in a database is important so future generations can reference and understand this part of history.

E – High School Student, Fullerton, CA

I felt like I could connect more deeply with the displaced Japanese farmers by working with these documents, and they provided many interesting insights into their lives such as what crops were commonly grown, how farms were often transferred to larger companies, etc.

M – College Student, Berkeley, CA

[I have] an interest in farmers who lost their farms during the war. It was a great learning experience and it felt good to volunteer for a great project.

E – Parent who volunteered with her daughter, Orange County

I feel as though I made a drop of progress toward achieving more justice for the Japanese American community who were so mistreated by our society.

A – Sustainability Advocate, Petaluma, CA

I thought the project was a great idea and I wanted to help out. I got to help digitalize these cards and make them accessible forever.

C – High School Student, Yorba Linda, CA

Watering young plants on a farm in Alameda County, California, prior to evacuation. (National Archives and Records Administration, 1940s)